Calorie deficit opinons

5’2F, SW:167 CW:155 GW:130. To give back story… I’ve been active all my life. Post high school in 2016, I had no activity for a year, I gained weight, got back into the gym and have been working out since then. I really enjoy being active, it helps with my mental health! I started working […]

Disappointed in myself

But I can’t seem to get started! My fitness has come and gone in fits and spurts throughout my life. I’m 50f now. Work is stressful. Husband would like us both to be more healthy and get a handle on things. I’m 5’9” and am hovering around 180. I’m about the heaviest I’ve ever been. […]

Is this scenario unrealistic? Is social media lying?

So I know someone who is a model and her social media focuses solely around her food as she is a self declared “foodie”. She is extremely thin and has very small arms (like Twiggy) and her ribs are visible and she has defined abs. Despite this, she boasts that she rarely exercises and eats […]

Anyone with Filipino/Asian families that order a lot of food?

Hi! First-time poster. My father was born poor and my mother was raised in a house with five other siblings. With their forces combined, I feel like they’ve managed to find ways to overfeed me and my sister. My sister managed to find a way out and all, but I don’t know how to find […]

Weight loss and increased sex drive?

Has anyone else experienced this? Particularly other women? I’m 30/F and the past few years I have struggled with my sex drive, while before I was SUPER sexually motivated (during that time I was at a healthy weight and active). I gained 25 lbs on my small, 5’4 frame and have been so uncomfortable with […]

What happens on the app when you hit your GW?

Hi folks. I’m close to hitting my goal weight on Lose It! I’m trying to find out what happens after your GW has been reached. Do you have to set a new maintenance goal at that weight or will the app do that for you, and if so, does it add the calories back slowly […]

lipoedema diagnosis

hey everyone. after an almost 10 year weight loss journey, i’ve been diagnosed with lipoedema. i’ve tortured myself for years over why i can’t just lose weight no matter what i try. it turns out it was impossible for me to achieve that. it’s made me feel a lot of things for sure. i’ve been […]

stuck and frustrated, exercise/diet advice welcomed, thank you!

Hey all. I’m a 22 year old trans man (ftm) looking into losing some serious weight. I had gone from around 350-360 to my current weight 280 but at 5’5 I don’t feel like it’s making much of a difference. I’m tired of being the big guy, and I have an event coming up in […]