19 Sept 2016
Fact! Sugar is bad for our teeth. Of course, this comes as no surprise yet sugar-related dental problems are still the most widespread cause of poor oral health and disease. The message is clear and simple though, reducing the amount of sugar which is in our diets will help to reduce the damage it can cause to our teeth, with the added bonus of improving our waistlines along the way.
But even here at the Oral Health Foundation offices we are sometimes guilty of straying from our own advice and over indulging on sugar. That is why it is important to be smart on sugar so that it does not catch us out.
With sugar-related dental problems being one of the most common complaints when visiting the dentist, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, CEO at the Oral Health Foundation, share his top tips to help with our ever-growing addiction to sugar:

1.Sugar by any other name is still sugar
When we think of sugar we probably picture the white stuff you pop in our tea. But there are many ‘…

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