I have some questions about meal prepping hoping some can help answer, if there’s a better subreddit for my question I’d love to know. Thanks in advance.

Some background, I’m a 24yr old 5’11 180lb male in the US, I have no passion/knowledge/desire to learn about cooking (call me lazy, I guess), and I don’t want to “break the bank” meal prepping.

– Just to make sure my understanding is right, meal prepping is pretty much cooking food in abundance to feed you for “x” amount of days, after cooking you then “package” the food, refrigerate/freeze it, and when ready to eat it, you warm it up, and eat it?

– What are some “easy” to make healthy meal preps? Chicken and rice? Is that the go-to? As I said I’m not a cooker (don’t know anything about cooking) and I also live alone, so I’m trying to find a way to meal prep in a “dumb proof” way. Would air-frying chicken be a good prep?

– How much would I be looking to spend per week meal prepping? I know this is a bit of a difficult question due to geography, preference, etc. but if you can give me an estimate on around how much you spend per week meal prepping that’d be great.

– Is there anything I should know before meal prepping? Anything that’ll make it easier? Anything I should be aware of?

Thanks again