My husband and I just had our offer accepted on a house; we will *hopefully* be closing on it on the 17th of February with move in that same day. We *may* be living in our current place and gradually moving as we currently live in a rental and will have the full month of February.

So, here is my question: Does anyone have any advice for meal prep for these first few few days during the move?


* I have a slow cooker, deep freezer, and a vacuum seal system. I also have an instapot but I rarely use it. I do have several of those cheaper plastic freezer containers.
* I am not new to meal prepping, but I only prep lunch.
* I live in Nebraska, so it could either be bitter cold or forty degrees when we move.
* We are not picky at all, but please do not suggest recipes calling for a “can of cream of ‘whatever'” soup. We do not use those.
* I say we aren’t picky…. but then I remember that we don’t like casseroles.
* The house we are moving into is a 15-20 minute long drive from where we are now.
* I am so, so scattered right now and cannot think. I am just going to want something kind of healthy and hearty during the move. Something that I don’t have to worry about finding kitchen tools for.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!