12 June 2015
If, like so many of us these days, your busy lifestyle means that your eating habits are changing from the traditional three meals a day to more snacking or grazing while you are on-the-go, then now would be a good time to include chewing sugarfree gum in your oral hygiene routine.
The definitions for the word ‘grazing’ in the dictionary now include ‘eating frequently at irregular intervals’ – not quite the same as snacking, but probably more frequent. Either way, it comes down to grabbing something to eat on-the-go when and where we can. Breakfast at the desk, a couple of mid-morning biscuits, sandwiches and crisps for lunch and an afternoon treat to keep us going, with several cups of tea or coffee in between.
The fact is that this is not good news for our teeth which come under sustained attack from the plaque acids that form on teeth and can damage the enamel whilst all this snacking and grazing is going on. Every time we eat or drink t…

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