10 November 2014
Getting married, travelling to Australia and skydiving are the three most common things Brits would do if they were diagnosed with cancer.
When asked to name three things they would add to a bucket list if they were told they had cancer, travelling was the most common theme, followed by getting hitched to their other half. Conquering fear made up the top three, with skydiving on many people’s lists.
A number of people said they would want to meet the Queen, as well as the newly pregnant Kate Middleton. Sporting legend Sir Ian Botham was also a popular name, as well as favourite film stars.
After being diagnosed with mouth cancer, Sally Bragg, 53, from Rugby, travelled the world following her remission. Sally said: “The world is a massive place and when I was on my hospital bed fighting this disease I told myself that if I survive I want to see as much of it as I can. Whilst never given the all clear I continue to visit cities and countries near and far to rel…

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