It is that time of year again: the leaves are changing color, pumpkin-flavored lattes are back in stock and you’re inundated with political ads from all directions. This November you have the opportunity to cast your vote and participate in the hard-fought civic duty we call “the election system.”

Whether you’re a political novice or a die-hard political activist, your votes are worth the same. Here is how I research candidates and prepare to cast my vote on or before Nov. 8.

The day arrives on which you are eligible to submit your ballot. You now feel confident and well-informed on the decisions you are making. The vote is cast and you participated in one of the greatest honors of living in a democracy. At this moment, you can feel proud that you have done your civic duty.

This November, the theme of Advocacy Month is Midterm Minute. ASDA is focusing on quick and easy ways to get involved with advocacy (sometimes it takes only 60 seconds). I hope this article gives you the framework and guidance to spend a Midterm Minute and make the most of your voting privileges. Check out what else ASDA has planned for the month.

~ Colton Cannon, Minnesota ’23, Immediate Past President

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