28 February 2017
Today is Shrove Tuesday or as many of us excitedly know it… PANCAKE DAY.
Shrove Tuesday might often an excuse to eat a big pile of pancakes (or at least it is for this writer), but do we consider what effect this having on our oral health? We all know eating sugar too often causes tooth decay, but by being aware of how much sugar we are having with our pancakes we can help to avoid an unwelcome trip to the dentist.
Figures from YouGov1 show that on average each Brit will put away two or more pancakes today, with people in Scotland preferring to pile them higher than anywhere else in the UK, opting to have four or more.
While pancakes themselves are relatively tooth-friendly, less can be said for the toppings we so often turn to. So, what will you be having with your pancakes today? To help make your mind up we look at the UK’s favourite pancake toppings and the effect that, having them too often can have on your oral health:

Lemon and sugar: Heading …

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