18 August 2015 
New research shows a huge financial burden on the NHS could be reduced and children’s dental health greatly improved if advised levels of fluoride are added drinking water.
The research published in the journal of Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology has shown that fluoridated water could help to solve the UK’s children tooth extraction crisis, while having no negative effects on their health1.
The new research looked at areas which have fluoridation schemes in place and found that people living in these areas had 55 per cent fewer admissions for tooth extractions than those which didn’t. It also highlighted that children in these areas did not have any adverse health effects as a result of fluoridation.
With recent research finding that tooth decay is by far the biggest reason2 why primary school children are admitted to hospital, with 500 five to nine year olds being hospitalised as a result of it every week. These findings could…

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