I am on a 20-hour fasting period and intake all of my daily requirements within a 4-hour window. I meal prep that food for the week or as close to it as I can, keeping things as simple and as fast as possible because I enjoy my free time more than eating. So, I’ve gotten good at keeping stock of the basic necessities to keep on hand for meal prep to min-max that goal. However, I’ve noticed I’m not getting as much in the way of fruit in my diet—I make sure to get my veggies in the meals I make now—and I’d like to change that with a smoothie of some sort.

To that end, what are some basic fruits to keep on hand that are good for a weeks worth of meal prep at a time, that also hit a broad spectrum of nutrient requirements?

I’m planning to throw other things into the shake. For example, grains or nuts to supplement those times I don’t add those into the usual meal but if this community could offer up any advice, that would be great!