So without divulging an insane amount of personal info, I (30F) am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after dealing with depression and migraines, getting therapy, all that good stuff. On the downside, I gained about 60 lbs over the last couple of years. I wasn’t exactly at a healthy weight before then, and now I’m very obese. I’m ready to get my shit together, but tbh I’m a little overwhelmed.

I’ve started by going to eatright.org and getting a general idea on the amounts I should be eating, I’ve started doing small amounts of exercise, and I made an appt with a doctor to get my general wellness/vitals done and to make sure I’m not pre-diabetic or have any other major issues next week (Ive only been to a neuro doctor in the past couple years, yikes, i know). Is there anything else I should be doing, and how did you all get started? I’d like to start by getting back to 200 lbs but I want to do it right so I build up and maintain good habits.