Hi all,

This is my first post in this sub and let me say I love most of what I read here. Y’all are so supportive and encouraging.

This is a bit of a rant/vent but I’ve reached a crossroads. I’ve started back working out after about a year of being sedentary/lightly active. I do cardio twice a week. And even with that I’ve seen great improvement with my stamina, energy, and mental health. I’ve noticed a little bit of bloat coming off. But I’ve also noticed that in these past six weeks for so, the scale hasn’t moved which didn’t quite discourage me. But it made me question whether I should be moving more and refining my diet. This has been the first time I’ve tried tried to lose weight with health being the main reason. I’ve done it before, purely for vanity (no shame in that tbh). But this time around is different. I’m trying to build sustainable habits that I can try to stick to long term. Not seeing results feels like an indication that I need to be doing more with my diet and exercise.

Does anybody have tips or stories how they’ve been able to integrate changes into their lifestyle that have been sustainable? Thank y’all so much in advance!