I have been thinking I have weak bones and joints. I always wanted to take bone broths to recover from it. I also suffer from overweight I’m 214 lbs at 5.11” height. I’m skinny fat guy with a big belly and have lean arms and chest which are recently getting their share of fat deposits.

In an effort to fight these issues, I’m planning to eat high protein, low carb diet with plenty of veggies. I’ve decided to
cook chicken on Sundays for Mon – Fri.
Cook Fish on Saturdays for Saturdays and
eat out on Sundays. (I’ve been eating out all meals of a day outside, since the last 4 years if it matters)

In a week, I want to use 2 whole chickens (no internal organs). Bones and carcass of two chicken to make bone broth(stock), meat of one of the chicken grilled/air fried/roasted/fried for lunches throughout the week and the other to make chicken soup with the chicken stock.

I’ve an idea what and how to make chicken for lunches. I will with either air fry or pan fry breasts, thighs, wings and drumsticks but I’m not sure how do I use the other chicken meat to make chicken soup?

Do I boil/cook it in water with veggies? or do I boil/cook it in the stock I would have made?
Do I do the above with the meat directly ordo i need to roast/grill it before using it for soup? And how to make the soup? when and to what do i add veggies to?

Please help in making a plan on what to do.

PS: For breakfast, right now I’m thinking b/w overnight oats or bread with avocado or something with eggs. Is this a good meal prep for what I’m looking for?