Hey so I’ve got quite the doozy for you guys. I (23F) live with my (24M) fiancé. Recently he’s asked if I take over the cooking he will do all the laundry. At first this was no issue but now I’m at my wits end. The problem
Is that he is a 6’4, 320 lb ex football player that works a very active job. He can easily eat 2-3 servings compared to my one. Food never lasts, we never have leftovers, and I’m really not trying to cook every single day. I also have an extremely active job, and I’ll soon be a broke college student with no time to cook. Idk how to satiate his appetite without breaking the bank, as he always complains about the grocery bill.
Might I also mention he’s somewhat picky? He only likes hot lunches, lactose intolerant, and doesn’t eat many veggies, does not like eating the same thing for more that 3 days in a row, and loves his proteins. That gets really expensive! All of our meals either have to be grab and go or make ahead so I’m not spending hours cooking most days. Please help?!

EDIT: okay so I realize I didn’t specify what exactly I needed help with. I do not need relationship advice, I needed meal prep advice. I did not need to hear why you’re single, or how I should dump him. You have no idea how our relationship is behind closed doors and this post isn’t the full story lol. I am a 23 yr old woman and he is a 24 yr old man; we don’t know everything, nor do we expect everything to work out perfectly when one of us suggests we TRY something. We tried something new with our household dynamics, I don’t like it and that’s that. All I needed to know was what else could we do because I don’t have all the answers. This is the man of my dreams; he was the one who taught me how to communicate properly and speak up. I have spoken to him about this, and we decided to research other marriage dynamics to see what else we could try. We are working on finding what is best for us. This is how I’m researching; asking meal prep Reddit what other ways we could solve this dilemma. I didn’t want to come back and say I don’t like it, with no other alternative lol. But I do thank everyone who has posted their opinions and other things they have tried. I’m excited to come back to my husband with this new knowledge and try a new method. I don’t expect everything to work perfectly between us, I just expect us to try until we do. Thank you ❤️