I am 22yrs, 6’3”M currently at 200lbs. I went from 230 in may (4 months) and my goal weight is 185lbs. Sitting at around 15% bf. I do 2 cardio sessions pr week and weight lift 5 times pr week (started weightlifting in may as well, so still a beginner)

My macro split right now is about 45% protein, 30% fat and 25% carbs. I eat approx 2100 calories per day (250g protein, 60g fats, 140g carbs) and I try to time most of my carbs for pre and post workout only.

However, when I get to 185lbs I want to maintain the weight and even go on a slight surplus (200-300) to build lean/clean bulk. My first question is: how should I increase my calories from cutting calories to maintenance calories? Should I do it gradually each week or just bump it up to maintenance? And won’t I gain weight if I start eating more carbs again? And how long will it take for the weight to stabilize after bumping those numbers up?

Second question is: how should I rearrange my macros? Should I increase my carbs? Should I increase my protein? Fats? I really don’t know, but my gut feeling is that I increase carbs so I have more energy at the gym, but I’m afraid I’ll gain more weight/fat than I want to.

Thanks in advance and sorry for all the questions. Any help will be highly appreciated 😊