Hi folks! I’ve decided to buy riced cauliflower (instead of making it myself) and use it to prep low-carb loco moco. For those unfamiliar, loco moco is a Hawai’ian comfort food consisting of a burger patty over white rice with mushroom gravy and macaroni salad on the side.

I’m going to make it with lean grass-fed ground beef, homemade gravy, and cauliflower rice. The macaroni salad will be made with shirataki penne and lots of veggies. I’ll cook the burgers in advance and pack them with the cauliflower rice already cooked. The salad will be packed separately.

My question is: should I cook the cauliflower rice before packing it up, or will it be sufficiently cooked by microwaving the dish? And if I need to cook it in advance, should I steam it or pan fry it?