Hey guys, over the last few weeks my friend and I built this website called Macro Match. This is actually the second iteration of the website. The first version had very basic features and a pretty crappy interface serving just as something we could share around to gather feedback on. Since the response we had was overwhelmingly positive, we invested a little more time in to making this current version (which I know is still very simple) that we’ve now released to start gathering a bit of a community and understand what people like/dislike about our website so we can rapidly improve it over the next few weeks. We’re also continuously expanding our recipe database and developing other features that are part of our long term plan.

Your feedback would really help us out a lot, so pls do give us as much as you can and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the future.

TL;DR – Let us know what you like/dislike and what features you’d want added to MacroMatch

Thank you!