Got back into meal prepping today after more than 3 years (!!!) and I’m actually working on 4 things at once by doing so:

1. **Eating better.** I starting eating my feelings since the start of the pandemic and my health is suffering. I got into the habit of not eating proper meals, just snacking on crappy food all day long.
2. **weight loss.** With my horrible pandemic eating habits I gained 45lbs in 3 years. Meal prepping will help me with my calories intake. In the past I lost 78lbs in 10 months and meal prepping was about 80% of my success. It does work!
3. **Emptying my freezer.** Food cost too much to trash it; I gotta put down the bag of chips and eat what I stocked in my freezer last fall before it goes to waste.
4. **Staying on budget.** All the crappy food (chips, soda, chocolate, cookies, cakes, etc.) I got into the habit of purchasing are very expensive compared to my older, healthier options and I spent more on food that what I should have over the past few years.

My main priority is to empty my freezer while staying within my calories intake so I know my meal prep will probably look weird for a few more weeks.

This will give me some time to see what you guys are prepping, and step up my game!