22 December 2014
Diets. More than three million of us will choose to diet as a New Year’s resolution, but how many people think about the effect it may have on their teeth?
To help you choose the right diet for you and your teeth, the British dental Health Foundation spoke to three experts who run the rule over some of the nation’s top diets.

Dr Ben Atkins, Clinical Director, Revive dental Care:
5:2 Diet
The food itself is focussed around fasting on two days per week, and a normal diet on the other five days. To make sure that no damage occurs to the teeth it is important that:

The diet on the other days reduces the frequency of sugar intake.
Type 1 diabetics and diabetics on insulin really need regular intakes of food, so fasting on certain days really would vary the sugar levels in the blood, so would not be a great idea. I would recommend they avoid it.
Reducing sugar levels within the blood for pregnant mothers would add extra stress on babies and mothers alik…

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