Male – 21yr – 195lbs – 6’2 – Workout 5 days a week

I have a sweet tooth so I focus on eating low-sugar/artificial sweetener products with protein to stay feeling full. It doesn’t feel great but I’ve cut weight before doing this and it worked, want to ensure I’m not depriving myself of anything. No specific order, using an online calculator my daily protein intake should be around \~150g I eat \~220g which is around 150% of my daily recommended. I count calories and aim for 2400 calories per day to lose \~1lb a week. I also make sure to drink at least a gallon of water per day and get 10,000 steps.

[1 Pound (16oz): 94% ground turkey, raised without antibiotics](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=ground%20turkey&search_is_autocomplete=false)

[1 Serving: Oikos® Triple Zero Vanilla](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=okios&search_is_autocomplete=false)

[2 Servings: Quest Cookies & Cream protein bars](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=quest%20protien%20bar&search_is_autocomplete=false)

[50 grams: Ketchup 50% less sugar & sodium](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=ketchup&search_is_autocomplete=false)

[4 Servings: CarbCounter Tortilla Wraps, Whole Wheat](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=wrap&search_is_autocomplete=false)

[4 servings: Frozen Mixed Vegetables](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=vegtables%20mixed&search_is_autocomplete=false)

Below I switch up to meet the calorie goal

[4 Servings: Jell-o Vanilla Sugar-Free Fat-Free Instant Pudding](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=jell-o%20sugar%20free&search_is_autocomplete=false) \[With 2 cups [fairlife Milk, Ultra Filtered, 2% reduced Fat](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=milk&search_is_autocomplete=false)\]


[4 Servings Jell-O Strawberry Sugar-Free Gelatin Mix](https://shop.wegmans.com/search?search_term=jell-o&search_is_autocomplete=false)

I know its a lot of “sweets” but even eating these low-calorie snacks the deficit is hard. Kinda feel like I’m dying at night, but I know “harsher” dieting isn’t fun but has results.