Rice was a staple of my diet for a long time, as I grew up in a West African home.

I’ve been looking for a vegetable alternative that is as easy to prepare as rice, or a vegetable that is as filling as rice. I’m also looking for low-carb options. I am open to hearing about carb-heavy options as well.

I have mostly been eating steamed or roasted broccoli and mushrooms as my rice alternatives for the past few years. But I don’t know if this would work well for meal prep because broccoli gets soggy when you reheat it.

I have tried riced cauliflower and riced broccoli from my local supermarket and I didn’t find it as great as a replacement. Maybe it was because it was cut so tiny.

Is vegan ceviche a good, quick and easy alternative?

See a recipe here: https://www.holajalapeno.com/vegan-ceviche/#mv-creation-711-jtr

Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!