I don’t heat up my lunches due to my work environment. I’m trying to find dishes high in protein and nutrition and low in fat that I can prepare easily and eat with a plastic utensil (so raw veggies don’t work well, they’re more like finger food and I eat on the clock so my hands aren’t always clean enough to stick em right in the food).

I found that I like stir fry and of course salads this way but I don’t like cooked peppers and onions (like for fajita blends). My go-to has become edamame packets and I’d be okay with green beans raw or cooked but I want more variety.

I usually have cooked chicken as my main protein, with the edamame on the side, and the seasoning may vary between curry, fajita blend, garlic and lemon pepper, and more recently I’ve used a generic “Asian salad dressing”. I don’t use rice just because it takes a little too long to eat in my environment. Sometimes I use steak instead of chicken but that’s what I’m having a harder time pairing vegetables with.