Hi all,

I’ve tried googling and nothing is really coming up that matches what I’m looking for.

Having a baby in a few weeks and the word on the street is they are a bit of work. I want to meal prep a 30+ dinners and 30+ lunches

I’ve got a great kitchen, lots of freezer space, and I’m a pretty good home cook.

I’m looking for recipes and a shopping list for say 7-10 different dinner meals, few different lunch meals, then I can just repeat them 4, 5, 6 times.

The recipes made in such a way that I can go ad prep 10lb of onions, 10 lb of chicken breast, 10 lb of steaks, 20 lb potatoes etc etc then mix and match to make the different meals. Vs every single meal being totally different and needing to go prep 100 different small potions. Of course I’m ok with a little of that.

I’m open to suggestions but I figured ready to cook would be easier to prep and probably taste better then precooking and then reheating.

I’m sure I could go and figure this all out with an excel sheet but why reinvent the wheel.

If there are any sites or resources or suggestions you can give me that would be appreciated.