Hi all! If you work a 8am-5pm, M-F office type job, and cook/eat mostly at home (limited takeout etc.), what does your weekly schedule look like? When do you plan, shop, and cook?

I am hoping to move from a shift work job to an office job (interviewed yesterday), AND trying to get out of the takeout habit. But the benefits of shift work are (1) days off mid-week, perfect for grocery shopping and catching up on errands & chores; and (2) shifts that either finish early (say 2pm) or start late (1pm).

This is just a psychological thing but I’ve always seen my weekday days off as “get stuff done” days and my weekend days off as “rest/ family stuff” days. Actually it’s probably more that the kids are in school during the week. If I get this job there won’t be any more Thursdays off or free mornings or afternoons.

I am anticipating a lot less stress, better sleep, and more energy. But the pay could be somewhat less (I’m making 3-5k/yr more than the high end of the range listed, hoping they’ll match me.) So I’d want to leverage the increase in health & energy against the possible loss of income by more scratch cooking, fewer takeout meals, and fewer instances of “I’m so stressed out, I DESERVE this $6 mocha.”

Can you share how you do it, so I can better envision what my weeks could look like? Thanks in advance, and for reading my ramblings!