19 MAY 2018
In an open letter to Steve Brine MP, the Oral Health Foundation calls for an extension to the HPV vaccination in the United Kingdom to include boys.
The charity has contacted the Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care regarding the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation’s (JCVI) forthcoming guidance on whether the UK should have a gender-neutral HPV vaccination programme.
In the letter, the Oral Health Foundation expresses its extreme concern and disappointed that the JCVI has continued to postpone making a final decision on this issue.
“The committee has delayed an extension of the HPV vaccination programme for over five years, and since then, a further two million British boys have gone unvaccinated, leaving them at risk of HPV-related diseases and cancers,” the letter reads.
The charity says it is deeply troubled by the JCVI’s statement on the issue, published in July 2017, particularly in reference to conclusions infl…

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