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Rant/asking for advice

TLDR: how can I kindly prevent Indian people from pushing me to eat more and putting more food on my plate?

Context: In my (Indian) culture it’s common for hosts to refill your plate, even if you’ve said multiple times that you’re too full or finished eating. If you don’t finish everything then it’s considered very disrespectful, wasteful, and a sign that you didn’t like the food.

My issue is that I’m mindful of my portions and I fill up quickly. Because of this I don’t eat very much at any given meal, and I don’t need to explain why forcing myself to eat is unsustainable. Between staying with relatives during my current trip to India and attending frequent social events at home, I’m finding it really difficult to maintain my weight and retain healthy habits due to the constant pressure (and guilt-trips) around eating. I always remind hosts before a meal that I eat very little, and will say “no more” after the first plate of food. If I’m able to serve myself, I take much less food at the beginning to make sure there’s room for the inevitable round two. I also try to choose healthier options among the dishes served, although often the food is very oily or buttery. I will always try an small amount of everything to be polite.

Despite all of this, it feels as though I’m always pushed to eat to the point of being uncomfortable, and despite refusing the unhealthy sweets and buttery dishes, I these also get piled on my plate.

Does anyone have any culturally sensitive advice about this situation? I’m at a loss.

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