Hi all,

Might be a dumb question but trying to get more efficient with my meal prep. Every morning I drink chai with ginger, fennel seeds, milk, and tea powder. Was wondering if I can pour my weekly milk with ginger (crushed), fennel, (+ occasionally others) into a separate bottle so I have it ready to go in the morning and I’d just need to add the tea bags.

Is there any issue with the ginger going bad like this? I’ve been keeping it as the whole root in the fridge and just chopping off a piece as a I need it in the morning. Also, would the ginger infuse well into the milk like this? When I boil the chai, there’s a piece in it but I’m wondering if it might be less gingery if I don’t have piece in the pot if I go the meal prep route (don’t really wanna bother with fishing for pieces of ginger in the bottle).