I’ve trained on and off for around 5/6 years when I was 16-21 and put on some decent size whilst staying lean(ish), in my last year of training I was still putting on size much faster than my friends doing the same workouts. Unfortunately through circumstances changing and being lazy I stopped even after great results.

I’m now 27 and have been out of shape for a good few years and put on a tonne of fat, lost most of my gains but always had an extremely large wide frame to keep me in good proportion (luckily). Started training 5/6 times a week, typical bodybuilding style training with some extra cardio (20/40 minute runs every other day on top of the gym). I have been calorie counting and I am in quite a considerable deficit – been doing this for around 6-7 weeks however nothing has changed on the scale at all. My muscles and strength gains have been extreme however the fat doesn’t seem to be disappearing or my weight lowering.

Advice ?? ? The calorie deficit I’m in I would expect to lose fat faster than gain the muscle back I had previously, or is this part of muscle memory and will eventually even out and then ill lose the fat? All my efforts have been so far into cutting and trying to lose the fat but it looks like I’m on a bulk.