Hi– so I love to have rice meals, but I have been struggling a bit with meal prepping rice for work lunch. Normally when re-using fridge-stored rice I either steam it (in a rice cooker with the steam basket) or I cook it in a pan with something like olive oil to re-moisten it. However, at work the only things I have access to to re-heat lunch are a microwave and a small toaster oven.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to reheat rice with these appliances in a way that doesn’t completely dry it out? When I try it always turns crumbly, dry, and awful. I’d also be open to advice on different rice preps that might reheat better rather than plain rice. For instance I sometimes make a rice-cooker meal that includes coconut milk to cook the rice, and that usually re-heats much better. Maybe because of the fat in the milk?

Thank you!

EDIT: Thank you, everyone!! I really appreciate all of the responses! 🙂