Hello! My friends and I are building an app called [Budgeat](https://www.mybudgeat.com/?utm_source=Reddit+Organic+Posts&utm_campaign=r%2Fmealprep) that I thought might be of interest to this community! We’ve all found that meal planning has really helped us eat better and save money. After using several recipe sourcing, grocery shopping, inventory / pantry management, and meal planning apps we realized that all the apps out there seem to only do part of the job. Our goal is to generate personalized meal plans that consider your budgetary, dietary, taste, and cooking preferences, incorporate ingredients you have on hand, and generate easy to use grocery lists that don’t break the bank.

We’re still early in our journey, so feedback on what you’d look for in this type of app, why you might use or not use it, and other aspects we should consider would be greatly appreciated. Check us out at [www.mybudgeat.com](https://www.mybudgeat.com/?utm_source=Reddit+Organic+Posts&utm_campaign=r%2Fmealprep) and if you’re interested join the private beta launch to begin using the app even before we fully launch and unlock some early bird perks!