For this issue, we’re getting a little political. There has been an abundance of highly topical reports, reviews, research and findings over the last month, all of which could have a monumental effect on Britain’s dental health well into the future.

We discuss our relationship with sugar and what effect it is really having on our dental health. We call urgent changes to be made on everything from a tax on sugar, to self-regulation amongst restaurants and the sugar in their food. We also talk about sugar and its effect on children’s health, which has been widely publicised in the press over the summer.

We take a brief look at Public Health England’s report into e-cigarettes and their findings which show they are 95% less harmful than tobacco products, while we also support bans on smoking outside restaurants and bars.

In a rather interesting development, Boundaries4Life, a voluntary organisation performing free health checks at sporting venues across the UK are investigating whether this will increase the amount of people in the UK willing to seek a dental professional for check-ups. We need your thoughts.

We also give you 14 of the most shocking thing that you probably should know (but don’t) about your dental health.

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