Following years campaigning, this month we have finally seen the release of a Childhood Obesity Strategy – and what a disappointment it was. The new strategy, which has been watered down to a ‘plan’, omits a blanket ban on junk food advertising during family TV shows and a ban on firms using cartoon characters in advertising. It also excludes a clampdown on multibuy promotions for unhealthy food in supermarkets.

We firmly believe this is an absolute disaster which will lead to another lost generation of children experiencing entirely
unnecessary oral health problems.

We will continue to work with health campaigners to get the necessary revisions made, for the benefit of everybody in the UK. In addition to the Obesity Strategy, in this issue we discuss heightened risks of poor oral health for pancreatic cancer and heart disease, give tips on how to cut down on sugar intake, while we also discuss interdental cleaning following all the recent
press coverage surrounding the efficiency of flossing.

We also have a feature article speaking about our charity partnership with Mercy Ships – a relationship we really value and
hope can go from strength to strength.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to enjoy the rest of this month’s Word of Mouth.

Download: Word of Mouth: August 2016