I’d like to start by wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous year. I hope you enjoyed the festive season.

The year opens with a bang, and the British dental Health Foundation has made 12 pledges for the year ahead. Read what we have to say on page 10.

As part of New Year’s resolutions we take time out to look at the gym-goers best friend – sports and energy drinks. They may help to push you that extra mile, but many people remain unaware of the damage they do to teeth. If you don’t know – or even if you do – read our advice on page 12.

Speaking of resolutions, Dry January is an opportunity for many people to detox after the over-indulgence. It’s also a time where people can find out about the dangers of alcohol, one of which is mouth cancer. Director of Operations Sharon Broom gives us her take on why people should kick the bottle to the kerb.

New British Society of dental Hygiene and Therapy President Michaela ONeill helps to talk us through how children can start school the right way. It doesn’t matter whether it’s after the Christmas break or looking forward to your child starting in September, Michaela offers some excellent advice for parents and pupils alike.

To round off January’s super healthy edition, David Arnold takes a look at five of the best super foods for teeth. Read his thoughts on page 18.

Enjoy the issue and we will see you next month.

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