We’re hugely proud this month to announce that our charity, the British dental Health Foundation, is set to change its name. From 4 April 2016 we will become the Oral Health Foundation – a move which represents the diversity of work our charity now does while allowing us to open many more doors to support and communicate positive messages of good oral health.

This month we also had a rather exciting, if not unexpected breakthrough in regarding to the sugar tax. Announced during the Budget, the new tax will include soft drinks and be based around the sugar content contained. It does not however include fruit juices or smoothies – we feel this is a significant oversight meaning this tax sadly does not go quite far enough.

In this issue we also have a guide to oral health for runners. Running in the UK has soared in popularity of late, as has the enquiries we receive about advice on a number of oral health problems athletes might suffer from. Our experts are on hand to offer some great advice.

Finally, in this March edition, we have advice about toothbrushes and on tongue cleaning, while we also wrap up some of this month’s other events – No Smoking Day and World Oral Health Day – both of which have hugely significant impacts on the health of our mouth.

View: Word of Mouth – March 2016