November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, our very special campaign to raise important awareness of mouth cancer where we aim to save lives through promoting the value of healthy lifestyles and early detection.

The Oral Health Foundation has been running the month-long charity campaign for over 15 years, and thanks to the overwhelming support from tens of thousands of people who a passionate about raising awareness of the disease, Mouth Cancer Action Month continues to have a greater impact year-on-year.

A really big thank you to all of you who are helping to raise awareness of mouth cancer during November. Your support really is truly valued and makes the campaign the success it has become.

During Mouth Cancer Action Month we have thousands of dedicated events and activities helping to raise awareness of the disease in communities all across the UK.

In this issue, we have lots of mouth cancer news, including the results of a series of research we have commissioned into the disease and our knowledge of it. Have discuss risk factors, the early warning signs and symptoms, and where to go when we notice anything suspicious.

I really hope you enjoy this month’s issue. Please head over to and get involved in mouth cancer awareness during November – your support really can make a difference to the landscape of mouth cancer in the UK.

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