In this issue, we look at Mouth Cancer Action Month. Our campaign to raise awareness of mouth cancer begins next week and lasts throughout the whole of November. The Oral Health Foundation has been running the month-long charity campaign for well over a decade now and has received overwhelming support from tens of thousands of people who a passionate about raising awareness of the disease.

We have articles about the returning campaign and how you can get involved. We also have information about the Blue Ribbon Appeal, Blue Wednesday, a very special campaign Thunderclap and a breakdown of five things you really need to make Mouth Cancer Action Month a success. 

There’s a short Q&A on the Human Papillomavirus following a piece of new research that seems to show men are more at risk of developing HPV-related oral cancer than women, and we also have an interview with Karen Coates for everything we should know about mouth cancer.

Finally, we addressed the latest claims about charcoal toothpaste – is it really worth all the hype? And we also introduce a brand new stakeholder group that we are leading called D.R.E.A.M.S – it’s all about how to tackle the growing number of people going the A&E with dental problems.

I really hope you enjoy this month’s issue. Please head over to and get involved in mouth cancer awareness during November – your support will be truly valued.

View: Word of Mouth: October 2017