5’2F, SW:167 CW:155 GW:130. To give back story… I’ve been active all my life. Post high school in 2016, I had no activity for a year, I gained weight, got back into the gym and have been working out since then. I really enjoy being active, it helps with my mental health!

I started working with a nutritionist/registered dietitian back in April 2022 as per my doctors recommendation (I am healthy, I asked for recommendations on weight loss and she thought a nutritionist would be beneficial for me.) My nutritionist set my calories at 1400 daily and I was consistent with it up until June, about 2 months in. I hardly worked out like I was used to because I felt very low energy/depleted on those calories. I did lose 1-2 pounds a week on those calories, my lowest being 151… around June I hit a plateau, it also became unsustainable and I just fell off from it. I’ve maintained my weight by just eating intuitively. Towards the end of August, I decided to hire a coach, she is certified in nutrition as well and I’ve been working with her around 3 weeks, I will be working with her until end of December.

When I shared how many calories I had been consuming, she was shocked. She personally underwent an extreme weight loss transformation, she’s healthily lost 72 pounds and has been maintaining for 3 years. She wanted to see where my metabolism was at so she started my calories at 1800, as well as provided me with a workout plan. I lift heavy weights (progressive overload) 5x a week and I am doing cardio 30 mins 4x a week. It’s been 3 weeks, I have been very consistent and I have maintained my weight, last night I weighed in at 154. I am taking weekly progress pictures as well, I know my weight doesn’t directly reflect progress since I’ve been working out a lot more now as well.

She is very big on lifestyle weight loss and going the healthy sustainable route. I love this experience because I did previously suffer from BED, but I **do** have goals. I want to be at 130 by the end of this year. She will be cutting my calories and macros this Sunday. I’m just planning and thinking ahead, I assume I can reach my goal by eating around 1650…. I AM putting my trust in her, but at the end of the day, I’m also putting in the work. Like my title says, I just want calorie opinions. Thank you in advance!!!

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