So I know someone who is a model and her social media focuses solely around her food as she is a self declared “foodie”. She is extremely thin and has very small arms (like Twiggy) and her ribs are visible and she has defined abs. Despite this, she boasts that she rarely exercises and eats steak, Korean bbq, donuts, ice cream, huge cakes, Full pizzas, McDonalds burgers and fries and chicken nuggets pretty much every day. I know some people are blessed with a high metabolism, but this is just next level. I don’t know if a)she is telling the truth b) she gets liposuction (she has done several cosmetic procedures), c) she purges the food after eating or d) she is just posting the food and not eating it herself or e) photos are highly highly edited. I’d include photos to show just how thin she is but I’m not sure that is ethical since it’s her privacy, then again, she is a public figure model.

I’m just shocked at how she can maintain her slim figure while being very obvious about eating junk food to no limit. Am I missing something or am I just unlucky to not be able to do the same? Either way, it’s quite discouraging to see models seemingly living the dream dietless while still having the most desirable perfectly contoured bodies at the same time 😭.

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