hey everyone.

after an almost 10 year weight loss journey, i’ve been diagnosed with lipoedema. i’ve tortured myself for years over why i can’t just lose weight no matter what i try. it turns out it was impossible for me to achieve that.

it’s made me feel a lot of things for sure. i’ve been so hard on myself for so many years, had so much mental torture… so much judgement from others. over something i couldn’t help. it’s a bittersweet diagnosis. i was happy to know i wasn’t to blame, but i also cried a lot last night over it.

i’m now looking into liposuction to remove the areas affected. still looking to lose ~30/40lbs before this though (i used to think i needed to lose ~150 but most of this i can’t without surgery). i can only lose it off my upper body and waist but i want to be in the best shape i can before taking surgical methods!

i’m motivated for sure to lose this last amount, but posting to hold myself accountable. and maybe help someone help realise they might also have this condition.

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