Comfort eating

I’ve gained 15kg since pregnancy and I hve no idea what to do. I feel shitty,having antepartum depression and guess what I do when I’m feeling like shit?Eat. And then afterwards I feel like shit coz I ate. I’m quite flexible,I do yoga and I work 35-40h /week,but I come home tired af ,then eat […]

what motivates you to go on that doesn’t relate to physical apperances

So I’ve been watching my calories not necessarily in a deficit as I suffer from BED and I don’t want to become obsessive with it. I’m wanting to know what keeps you motivated that has nothing to do with your appearance. I feel that I started with wanting to do it for health as my […]

Suggested calorie deficit seems impossible! What am I doing wrong?

I’m a 24 year old female currently 55.5kg (121 lbs) and 154 cm (5’0) tall. My goal is to be 48kg (106 lbs) by December in roughly 2.8 months. It was recommended to achieve this that I should have a 500-1000 calorie deficit. I exercise (weight and cardio) 3-4 times a week for 45 mins […]

Tough go getting enough water in me

i am told that someone of my size (6’2”) will require around 2.6-3.0 L of water a day just for bodily processing. ie digestion of food, waste clearage etc.. i’ve never really drank a whole lot of water in my adult life so when told that i should be drinking closer to the 4L of […]

When reverse dieting, how much do you add per day?

Hi! So I’m a bit confused about one thing: I’ve been on a cut for 4-5 months and have looked into reverse dieting (which suggests to slowly adding 50/150 calories per week until you find your maintenance). But Does this mean that if say, I choose to add 100 calories per week, does this imply […]

Setting a goal weight

Hello, I’m currently 263lb at 5ft, and I started off at 323, so I’ve already lost 60lb which is cool. I obviously still have a long way to go, I’ve been mainly focusing on diet at the moment as movement is difficult when you’re so big but I’m starting with a personal trainer in November […]

Cheat days while maintaining a deficit

Just had a cheat day today where I had a good few hundred more calories than I normally do, but I have still managed to maintain a proper calorie deficit. Would this make me gain weight, or just slow down how much I lose? I’m trying to maintain my weight loss, and my cheat day […]

Really struggling

Hey it’s me again. Back on the struggle bus. I’ve been working my ass off and I feel like it’s not paying off. My depression is awful but I’ve still been able to keep moving. If I’m not feeling the gym then I at least try to go on a walk. I’m making balanced meals […]

Question about medication and BMI

I’m 43F, 160 cm and 65kg. I was 70kg been slowly losing weight by eating around 1200 cals a day, and a mix of HIT and weightlifting every day. I lose maybe .5 kg every few weeks and I’m starting to lose patience. It’s not an easy way to live, despite focus on protein and […]

insecure about how my body is looking after a 55 pound weight loss

hey everyone— I made [this]( post a bit ago and I was really excited about how I could finally see a difference but that excitement has turned into the opposite. I like getting complimented on my weight loss but it seems that my family is starting to nitpick. Recently, they’ve said that I’m losing my […]